12 Monthly Plan Car Wash Detailing Package Regular Car

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Get a comprehensive car wash and care package for your NORMAL car with our 12 month plan. This package includes complete interior sweeping, seat stain retouching, complete interior wiping, exterior washing, spray polish, rim cleaning, rim and tire polishing and carpet shampoo. Keep your car looking fresh and clean all year round!

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Experience ultimate comfort and value with our 12 Month Plan Car Wash Detailing Package for NORMAL vehicles. This package is designed to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning and maintenance and keep it in pristine condition.

Our professional team will start by performing a thorough internal vacuum, removing dirt, dust and debris from every nook and cranny of the interior of your vehicle. Say goodbye to stubborn sofa stains with our exclusive sofa stain retouching service that effectively targets and removes stains.


 Car Wash Detailing Package

  • Full International Vacuum
  • Seat Stain Retouch
  • Delete Full International
  • Internal Wash
  • Spray Wax
  • Wheel Cleaning
  • Wheel and Tire Polisher
  • Carpet Shampoo

Next, we’ll thoroughly clean the interior of your vehicle, leaving it spotless and fresh. Our attention to detail extends to the exterior as well, with a comprehensive exterior wash that removes dirt, grime and contaminants and restores your vehicle’s shine.

To protect and beautify your vehicle’s exterior, we will apply a high quality spray lacquer, create a protective barrier against the elements and leave a glossy finish. Your wheels will also receive special attention as we carefully clean them to remove brake dust and restore their original shine.

No detail goes unnoticed when it comes to our rim and tire polishing service. We will give your wheels a professional cleaning and apply a special polishing product to give them a sleek and polished look. In addition, our carpet shampoo service cleans and refreshes your carpets deeply, removing any stains or odors.

With our 12-Month Car Wash Detailing Package, you can experience the convenience of regular car maintenance at discounted prices. For just $990, you will get all these services monthly and keep your NORMAL car always looking its best.

Invest in the long-term beauty and cleanliness of your vehicle with our 12-Month Plan Car Wash Detailing Package. Sign up today and let our experts take care of your vehicle while you enjoy the benefits of a consistently clean and well-maintained vehicle.


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