Silver Car Wash Detailing Package – Regular Car

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This comprehensive package includes full interior vacuuming, seat stain touch-up, full interior wipedown, exterior wash, spray wax, rim cleaning, and wheel & tire shine.

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Our Silver Car Wash Detailing Package offers an all-inclusive car care experience designed to leave your vehicle looking its best. With a focus on both interior and exterior cleaning, this package ensures every inch of your car receives meticulous attention and professional-grade treatment.


The package includes the following services:

  1. Full Interior Vacuum: Our skilled technicians will thoroughly vacuum the entire interior of your car, including carpets, floor mats, seats, and hard-to-reach areas, removing dirt, dust, and debris.
  2. Seat Stain Touch-Up: We’ll target and treat any stains or spots on your seats, using specialized cleaning products to lift and eliminate unsightly marks.
  3. Full Interior Wipedown: Your car’s interior surfaces, such as the dashboard, door panels, and console, will be carefully wiped down and cleaned to restore their original shine and luster.
  4. Exterior Wash: We’ll give your car’s exterior a thorough wash using premium cleaning agents, ensuring the removal of dirt, grime, and road contaminants for a refreshed look.
  5. Spray Wax: To protect your car’s paint and enhance its shine, a layer of spray wax will be applied, leaving a glossy finish and providing added resistance against environmental elements.
  6. Rim Cleaning: Our team will clean your car’s rims, targeting brake dust and stubborn residues, restoring their original appearance and shine.
  7. Wheel & Tire Shine: The final touch involves applying a tire shine product to give your wheels a lustrous finish, enhancing their overall appearance.

Experience the convenience and quality of our Silver Car Wash Detailing Package, specially priced at $130 for regular-sized cars. Trust our expert team to deliver outstanding results and give your vehicle the care it deserves.

Note: Additional charges may apply for larger vehicles or vehicles in extreme condition. Contact us for pricing and any further inquiries.

Don’t miss out on this unbeatable offer. Book your Silver Car Wash Detailing Package today and let us transform your car into a stunning, clean, and protected masterpiece.


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