Complete Interior And Exterior Detailing Package For SUVs/Trucks

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Complete interior and exterior detailing package designed specifically for SUVs and trucks, providing a thorough and professional car washing experience.

Elevate the appearance of your SUV or truck with our Custom Stage Car Wash Package. Our skilled technicians will give your vehicle the attention it deserves, delivering top-quality interior and exterior detailing services.

Highlights of the Custom Stage Car Wash Package include:

  1. Full Interior Vacuum: Eliminate dirt, debris, and allergens from every nook and cranny of your vehicle’s interior.
  2. Seat Stain Touch-Up: Targeted treatment to remove stains and restore the look of your seats.
  3. Full Interior Wipedown: Clean and sanitize all interior surfaces, leaving them spotless and fresh.
  4. Exterior Hand Wash and Wax: Thoroughly cleanse the exterior of your SUV or truck and apply a protective wax coating for a lasting shine.
  5. Spray Wax: Enhance the gloss and protect your vehicle’s paint with a quick and efficient spray wax application.
  6. Rim Cleaning: Restore the shine of your rims and remove brake dust and grime buildup.
  7. Tire Shine: Make your tires look brand new with a high-quality tire shine application.
  8. Leather Clean/Conditioning: Deep clean and condition your leather seats, preserving their softness and preventing cracking.
  9. Pet Hair/Excess Soil Removal: Specialized techniques to remove pet hair and excess soil from your vehicle’s interior.
  10. Carpet Shampoo/Seat Shampoo: Thoroughly clean and refresh your carpets and seats for a like-new appearance.
  11. Iron Removal: Safely eliminate iron particles and contaminants from your vehicle’s paint surface.
  12. Clay Bar: Smooth out your vehicle’s paint by removing embedded dirt and contaminants.
  13. Light Scratch Removal: Minimize the appearance of light scratches and restore the clarity of your vehicle’s paint.
  14. Engine Compartment Cleaning and Detail: Clean and rejuvenate your engine compartment for a polished look.
  15. Headliner Cleaning: Remove stains and dirt from your headliner, restoring its original cleanliness.
  16. Interior Odor Treatment: Eliminate unpleasant odors, leaving your vehicle smelling fresh and clean.
  17. Interior Steam Cleaning: Deep clean and sanitize your vehicle’s interior using the power of steam.
  18. Machine Buff/Polish/Scratch Removal: Restore the luster and shine of your vehicle’s paint with professional-grade machine buffing and polishing.
  19. Headlight Restoration: Improve visibility and enhance the appearance of your headlights with our headlight restoration service.

Note: Please allow one business day for the completion of this package. Your vehicle needs to be delivered to our central shop for the services.

Price: $760 (For SUVs/Trucks)

Experience the ultimate car wash and detailing package designed specifically for SUVs and trucks. Book your appointment now and give your vehicle the care it deserves.


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